Naracoorte Aerodrome

Naracoorte Airport

Description of Site

The Naracoorte Aerodrome is located at an elevation of 169 feet, 2.0 nautical miles on a magnetic bearing of 193 degrees from the Town of Naracoorte.

Aerodrome Reference Point coordinates are S 36 degrees 58.9' - E 140 degrees 43.0'.

The Aerodrome is situated on Sections 1068, 1069, 1094 and part Section 639, Hundred of Naracoorte and is contained within an area of 180 hectares.

Aerodrome Information

The Aerodrome Operator is the Naracoorte Lucindale Council. 

For further information on the Naracoorte Aerodrome contact Council.

Aerodrome charges - are applicable to charter services and locally-based aircraft.  Aerodrome charges are listed in Council's Fees and Charges Guide, which is available by clicking here.


02/20 Bearing 019 magnetic Length 1,1118 metres Runway width 30 metres
Pavement - unrated. Grey clay sand
Slope 0.1% to south Strip width 90 metres

08/26 Bearing 076 magnetic Length 1,048 metres Runway width 18 metres
Pavement - unrated. Sealed
Slope 0.1% to west Strip width 90 metres

Runway Supplementary Information - see attached Schedule
Note: CASA Regulations, Rules and Practices for Aerodromes and Civil Aviation Advisory Publications are available on the CASA Website.

Runway Lighting

02/20 Portable (PTBL) PN Prior Notice

08/26 LIRL PAL 124.1 Lateral Spacing of Lights 22 metres

Wind Indicators

Primary Wind Indicator located at south-eastern corner of apron area.

Secondary Wind Indicator located at Western side of runway 02 approach threshold.

Runway Supplementary Information


02 1118 1178 (3.12%) 1118 1118
20 1118 1178 (1.33%) 1118 1118

08 1048 1121 (3.59%) 1048 1048
26 1048 1108 (1.60%) 1048 1048

Supplementary Take-off Distances

Rwy 02 960 (2.2%) 1076 (2.5%)
Rwy 08 1028 (3.33%)

Reporting Officer

The reporting officer can be contact via contacting Council.


Naracoorte Aerodrome Master Plan

The Naracoorte Aerodrome Masterplan forms the basis for management of the Aerodrome for the next 20 years.  The purpose of the Master Plan is to provide direction for Aerodrome operations and provide a framework for considering possible future development of the Aerodrome.

Click the link below to view a copy of the plan:

Naracoorte Aerodrome Masterplan(2000 kb)


Naracoorte Aerodrome

139 Doolans Road, Naracoorte