Justice of the Peace

If you require the services of a Justice of the Peace (JP) you can search by suburb on the Justice of the Peace Services website:

Click here to find a Justice of the Peace (JP) by suburb or by language

The role of a JP?

The role of the JP is to act as an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes. For example, a JP may:

  • Attest the execution of a document
  • Witness an affidavit for use in court
  • Witness a statutory declaration
  • Certify a true copy of an original document
  • Certify a person’s identity

For more information on Justice of the Peace Services visit the Attorney-General's Department at the link below:

Justice of the Peace Services

Are there JPs that speak other languages?

Yes. The Roll of JPs contains JPs who speak languages other than English.

To find a JP who speaks a specific language, go to the online Roll of JPs and select the language by using the drop-down list.