Ormerod Street Flags


Would you like to promote an event or activity on the street flag system on Ormerod Street, Naracoorte?


As the street flag system, called FlagTrax, allows flags to be changed from the safety of ground level community organisations are invited to utilise the system. 


A booking system and guidelines apply with priority given to Civic events, events sponsored by Council and other major events across the Council area.  Organisations will be responsible for supplying flags that are suited to the FlagTrax system and all associated costs including installation / removal costs and maintenance and storage of flags. 


If your community organisation would like to utilise the FlagTrax system, contact Council for more information on designing and creating flags.  An in-design service is available through Flagworld and the cost for 17 banners is approximately $2000.


We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your community organisation promoting events with the flag system.


Below are links to more information and the application form:


Guidelines for Flags(114 kb)


FlagTrax Safe Work Method Statement(171 kb)


Application for FlagTrax(238 kb)


 FlagTrax Ormerod Street Naracoorte