Naracoorte Caves Connection Project

Project Overview

Naracoorte Caves

The Caves Connection Project brought together local business and community leaders, who proposed new ideas for leveraging greater value from the State’s only World Heritage site, the Naracoorte Caves.

The Project Group developed a Concept Statement which outlines ideas for the next 10 years.  The Concept Statement’s objective is to spark actions to increase the economic and community benefit to Naracoorte through increased visitation, encouraging new infrastructure, new and expanding businesses and jobs.  The Concept Statement is the foundation for future projects for Naracoorte, and potential partnerships - click the link below to view the Concept Statement

Caves Connection Concept Statement(111 kb)

Naracoorte Caves Connection Business Prospectus

The Naracoorte Caves Connection Business Prospectus details ways in which local businesses and individuals can leverage business opportunities linked to the Naracoorte Caves.

A workshop held in November 2017 among local organisations and businesses identified a range of great ideas to better connect the Caves to the town of Naracoorte and the surrounding region.

The Business Prospectus lists these ideas and are free for anyone to implement or they may inspire new thoughts and ideas that link to your business.

There are some great opportunities identified in the Business Prospectus, the challenge is to find the one you can turn into a new business or add to your existing business.

Many of the ideas developed can be implemented inexpensively, and others may require longer term planning and partnering with other businesses, organisations or government.

By making the most of what we have at the Naracoorte Caves, the town can attract more visitors to the overall benefit of Naracoorte business sector.

Download the Naracoorte Caves Connection Business Prospectus here.(867 kb)

The Naracoorte Caves Connection Wayfinding Project Plan 2019-2022 can also be viewed here.