Community Grants

A grant is a means of financial assistance given to an individual or organisation for a particular purpose.  From time to time grants are offered by federal, state and local governments, private businesses, trusts, foundations or philanthropic organisations.

The Naracoorte Lucindale Council offers grants to community groups twice a year through its Community Chest.

Grant providers often use an application process where grant seekers fill in a form and attach documents to formally request a grant. Individuals and organisations that seek a grant are called applicants.

Information on grants that are available and how to prepare a grant application are available at the following links:

State Government Grants

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

Stand Like Stone Foundation

Philanthropy Australia

Our Community

Grant Ready

You will need to discuss your grant application with Council if you are applying for a grant application that:

  • involves any form of building development
  • will be located on Council land
  • requires a letter of support from Council