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Naracoorte Community Garden

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The community garden is located on Stewart Terrace, Naracoorte adjacent to the Naracoorte Basketball/Squash stadium.

  • Garden Plots are 2m wide and 9m long
  • An annual membership fee is due each year in July
  • A Garden shed has been provided for gardeners shared use
  • Produce grown cannot be sold for private profit but can be donated to persons or groups of the members choosing
  • Good water conservation practices are in place
  • Garden plots must be maintained to a minimum standard
  • Each gardener must assist with the general maintenance of the community garden

How to become involved

  • Contact Naracoorte Lucindale Council
  • Register your interest in obtaining a garden plot
  • Participate in the Open Garden Day’s activities

Garden Basics

The Community Garden follows organic gardening principles:

  • Organic pest management
  • Organic management of weeds
  • Beneficial use of mulch
  • Companion planting

Water saving practices are used.

Composting is encouraged.

Produce and seedling sharing are also encouraged.

Community Garden Beds

For further information on Naracoorte's Community Garden contact Council.

About Community Gardens

  • Community Gardens promote the enjoyment of a wide variety of fresh, locally grown produce.
  • Community Gardens provide opportunities for teaching gardeners and the broader community about healthy food.
  • Community gardens provide opportunities for recreation and exercise.
  • Community gardens improve the quality of urban environments.
  • Community gardens are often a space for community members of diverse cultural backgrounds to practise and share traditional and contemporary expressions of their culture.