Strategic Planning & Development Policy

The Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee is established under Section 41 of the Local Government Act, 1999 and Section 101A of the Development Act 1993 which requires Councils to establish a strategic planning and development policy committee.

The purposes of the committee in relation to planning and development and as legislated by the Development Act are:

  • To provide advice and recommendations to Council to support the implementation of the Open Space Strategy considering the needs and aspirations of the community while ensuring Open Space does not become a liability to Council.

The Committee’s purpose aligns with themes 4 and 5 of Council’s Strategic Plan:

  • Theme 4 – Liveable Neighbourhoods, a range of well-planned neighbourhoods and public space, designed with a strong sense of identity and place.
    • Outcome - A well-planned district that meets the current and future needs of the community
  • Theme 5 – Progressive Leadership, a well led and managed district supported by a professional approach to managing infrastructure, and the delivery of projects and services to the community.
    • Outcome - Sustainable community finances and assets

To download a copy of the Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee terms of reference click the link below:

Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee Terms of Reference(161 kb)

All members of the Council are members of the Committee.  A copy of members is available by clicking here

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