Asset Management

Council is responsible for the management and maintenance of public buildings and structures, waste disposal facilities, community waste management scheme (Lucindale), regional livestock exchange, aerodromes, recreational facilities and infrastrucuture.  Infrastructure includes roads, kerb & water table, footpaths and stormwater.

To ensure existing assets are maintained and renewed in a financially sustainable manner and planning is undertaken for the known future Council has adopted a Summary Infrastrucutre and Asset Management Plan.

Summary Infrastructure & Asset Management Plan 2019 - 2029(468 kb)

The Summary Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan is supported by detailed management plans for significant assets.

  1. Buildings and Structures - under development
  2. Naracoorte Waste Transfer Station - under development
  3. Lucindale Community Waste Management Scheme (CWMS) - under development
  4. Naracoorte Regional Livestock Exchange (NRLE) - under development
  5. Naracoorte Swimming Lake - under development
  6. Aerodromes - under development
  7. Road & Stormwater Infrastructure Management Plan(710 kb)

The Asset Management Strategy is supported by the Hierarchy and Service Level Documents.

Hierarchy and Service Levels

Service levels define how assets are maintained.  The following Hierarchy and Service Level has been adopted: