Strategic Asset & Planning

The Strategic Asset & Planning Committee is established under Section 41 of the Local Government Act, 1999.

The purpose of the committee is to provide advice and recommendations to Council that align to outcomes outlined in Council’s Strategic Plan.

This may include, but not limited to, advice and recommendations to Council on:
  • The extent to which Council’s strategic planning and development policies accord with the Planning Development & Infrastructure Act, and consideration of any amendments to the Planning Codes and Guidelines as they impact on the Council district.
  • Development and review of Council’s Asset Management Plans and associated matters.
  • Assessment and advice on Council’s Capital Expenditure Programs for annual budget purposes.
  • Overview of Council’s Open Space and community projects and strategies (masterplans, precinct plans, etc).

All members of the Council are members of the Committee.  A copy of members is available by clicking here.

To download a copy of the Strategic Asset Management Committee Terms of Reference, click on the link below:

Strategic Asset & Planning Committee Terms of Reference