Are you interested in becoming a Council volunteer?

Volunteering is about getting involved, participating and making a difference in the community you live in.  It can also be about learning new skills, experiences and helping others.

Volunteering is about putting that spare time to good use, making contacts and building self-confidence and self-worth.  It can also be active, social and gaining friends.

Council has a range of volunteer roles in areas such as:

  • Visitor Information Centre
  • Naracoorte Public Library
  • Letter Collection
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Office Tasks

Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good without any financial gain


Volunteers are defined as persons who:

  • Undertake activities without monetary reward
  • Undertake activities of their own free will
  • Undertake activities of benefit to Council and the local community
  • Compliment but not replace the services of paid staff

To get started

Volunteer Registration Form(170 kb)

  • Registration forms are reviewed by the relevant department and depending on position availability, an approval will be advised
  • You may be required to undertake a free volunteer screening (for more information visit www.screening.sa.gov.au )
  • An induction will be provided.

VIC Volunteers Wanted

The Naracoorte Visitor Information Centre is seeking community-minded members to volunteer their time at the centre for a few hours per week (may include weekends).

If you are interested in volunteering your time or would like further information please contact Council on 8760 1100 or the Visitor Information Centre on 8762 1399.