Free household hard waste disposal days - Saturday 17 and 31 October

8th October 2020

Free household hard waste disposal days - Saturday 17 and 31 October

Free household hard waste disposal days are back. As well as holding a disposal day in Naracoorte in response to community requests there will also be a free household hard waste disposal day in Lucindale.

Residents will be able to dispose of household hard waste from 8.00am to 4.00pm at the Naracoorte Waste Transfer Station on Saturday 17 October 2020 and the Lucindale Waste Transfer Station on Saturday 31 October 2020.

The free household hard waste disposal days are part of Council’s commitment to reducing the incidence of illegal dumping.

As the free disposal days are usually busy, you should not use this day to dispose of waste that is free of charge all year, this includes batteries, oil and steel such as whitegoods – washing machines, dryers, ovens, stoves and refrigerators and freezers that have been degassed, as well as sheets of iron and guttering, air conditioners, small items of scrap metal and hot water systems.

In addition, this day should not be used to dispose of items that will not be accepted free of charge including green and putrescible waste, asbestos (an appointment is required to dispose of asbestos) and business or industrial waste.

Enviro Tec will be onsite to ensure that hard waste items are acceptable for disposal. It is important that your load is sorted with similar items together and e-waste on top - the more sorted your load the quicker it will be to unload!

Items that will be accepted free of charge are:

  • Furniture – tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds and mattresses
  • Floor coverings (up to 2 metre lengths)
  • Timber off cuts, including pallets (up to 2 metre lengths)
  • Dismantled clothes lines
  • Blinds and window coverings
  • Bikes and toys
  • Lawn mowers
  • Poly rainwater tanks
  • TVs and e-waste (as it is unloaded first place on top of your load)
  • Household quantities of bricks, rocks, dirt, pavers, concrete and building materials
  • Dry paint

In the instance of other waste being delivered normal rates will be charged as listed in Council’s fees and charges guide.

Items that are not accepted at the Waste Transfer Station, including during the Hard Waste day are:

  • Gas bottles
  • Tyres
  • Car parts and bodies
  • Household chemicals
  • Hazardous waste
  • Treated timber (CCA, creosote)

Disposal of chemicals and chemical drums is available by appointment only (and not during the Hard Waste days) by contacting Enviro Tec on 8762 4719 between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

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