Arts and Culture Poll

18th May 2020

We want to hear your views about arts and culture in our community.

The Naracoorte Lucindale Council is proud to launch the 2020 Arts and Culture Poll.  This exciting initiative is the opportunity for the entire community to tell us about your tastes and abilities in the arts - from visual arts and music, to dance and events.

The information from the poll will inform future planning with a view to staging exciting and vibrant art outcomes.  The quick and anonymous poll can be found online at Council’s YourSay website or completed over the phone by calling Council.  It only takes five minutes to complete and is open to everyone.

Council is encouraging everyone to use their social networks to promote the Poll.

The poll will be used to support the achievement of an ambitious and exciting list of arts and cultural outcomes as part of Council’s three-year Creative Communities Partnership with Country Arts SA.

The partnership is focused on increasing utilisation of the Naracoorte Town Hall, supporting South Australia’s oldest regional gallery, the Naracoorte Art Gallery, ensuring First Nations people have a voice, using art and culture to share the stories of the Naracoorte Caves and to uncover new stories, contribute to the delivery of Country Arts SA programs and identifying other arts initiatives.

To participate in the Arts and Culture Poll, go to the Your Say page on the Council’s website at or phone 8760 1100.