Register your team for the 2020 MegaFest Naracoorte World Heritage Trail Run!

16th October 2020

Media Release, 15 October 2020

MegaFest – Naracoorte World Heritage Trail Run

Sunday 22 November 2020

Do you have a group of friends or workmates that you like to run or walk with?

Or are you part of a sports team keen to get into pre-season training?

Even if you just own the same T-shirt as a few other people you know, you should register a team for this year’s MegaFest Naracoorte World Heritage Trail Run at the Naracoorte Caves National Park on Sunday 22nd November.

This is the first time a team’s event has been offered for the Trail Run and there’s “mega” up for grabs!

The team which runs the most kilometres on the day with the best average time will win an inaugural handcarved perpetual trophy. Team members will also each receive a MegaFest cap.

You can have as many people in your team as you like - just appoint a team captain to take charge when you register.

Go to and follow the links.

Similar courses will be offered from last year with a course to suit everyone. Participants can choose from the 23km Mega Fauna Run, 15km Stoney Point Run, 5km Dippy Run and the 1km Fossil Dash.

Appreciate the bushland and pine forest trails, the local kangaroo population and other native wildlife, pass sheep farms, vineyards, and not to mention experience the unique limestone formations that are the Naracoorte Caves.

New course sections have been introduced for this year’s Trail Run and organisers have been working hard to ensure the event is safe for all involved, with staggered starts for runners just one of the procedures in place.

Spectators are also encouraged to register online this year for contact tracing. Spectator registrations are free.

Special Caves tours are being offered to participants - book a tour of the Victoria Fossil Cave or Alexandra Cave and get a free tour of the Stick Tomato Cave and Wonambi Fossil Centre. MegaFest T-shirts are available as a new merchandise option for runners this year to promote the Trail Run and Naracoorte Caves.

The World Heritage listed Naracoorte Caves are globally significant and provide a unique window into biodiversity and climate.

The World Heritage listing recognises the diversity and the quality of preservation of its fossils and the scientific value of the fossil deposits.  The fossils found at the Naracoorte Caves allow you to step back in time, giving an insight into 500,000 years of history and a fascinating insight into Australia’s prehistoric past.

Palaeontologists work to reveal the secrets of the Caves by excavating fossils revealing the Earth’s evolutionary history and telling the story of Australian mammals.  The Caves have revealed fossil remains of 99 vertebrate species that roamed the area during the Ice Age.  Some of the species found in the Fossil Chamber are giant browsing kangaroos, large echidnas, a wombat the size of a hippopotamus and a marsupial lion.

Event sponsors for this year’s MegaFest include Naracoorte Lucindale Council, Naracoorte Lucindale Business and Tourism Association and Good Country Physiotherapy.

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