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  • Audit Committee Position

    9th January 2020
    9th January 2020. AUDIT COMMITTEE POSITION. Interested community members are invited to submit a written nomination for membership on the Naracoorte Lucindale Council Audit Committee. Council is seeking one person to join the Audit Committee from
  • Notice of Application for Category 3 Development

    9th January 2020
    9th January 2020. An application comprising a NON-COMPLYING CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT under Section 38(5) of the Development Act 1993 has been lodged for development assessment. Details of the application are:. Development Number: 674/0158/19. Applicant
  • Citizen of the Year Awards

    6th January 2020
  • Notice of Confidential Council Workshop 23 December 2019

    23rd December 2019
    Notice of Confidential Council Workshop
  • Council Assessment Panel Decision - 19 Gordon Street (Former TAFE site)

    20th December 2019
  • Workers Accommodation Development Application (Old Naracoorte TAFE Site)

    13th December 2019
    The agenda for the Council Assessment Panel CAP Meeting which is being held in the Naracoorte Town Hall at 5pm Thursday 19 December 2019 has now been provided to CAP Members The agenda is now a public document and can be accessed via Councils
  • Christmas/New Year Closures

    2nd December 2019
    2nd December 2019. CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR CLOSURES. Over the Christmas / New Year period the following closures will apply for Naracoorte Lucindale Council:. Naracoorte Office and Naracoorte Public Library are closed from midday Friday. 20 December
  • Corella Monitoring and Management Program

    25th November 2019
    25th November 2019. The Corella Monitoring and Management Program will commence on Monday 25. th. November 2019. Shots may be fired during daylight hours in Naracoorte at, but not limited to, the Swimming Lake, Wortley Oval and Memorial Oval.
  • After Hours Calls

    25th November 2016
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    The after hours contact for urgent Council matters only is the normal Council office number which is 08 8760 1100 This number is monitored 24 hours 7 days a week