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Who Are We?

Limestone Coast Volunteer Services provides a regional service for volunteering with a Resource Centre located in Naracoorte South Australia and an Information hub located in each Council area.

Limestone Coast Volunteer Services is part of a state and national network of Volunteer Centres who work in partnership with Local State and Federal Governments to deliver support to the volunteer sector.

The Service promotes the role of volunteering in the community emphasizing the need for, and the rewards of, being a volunteer worker for community organisations.

Why Are We Here?

To provide a regional resource where people interested in voluntary work can source suitable volunteer work. Organisations can also use the Service to recruit volunteers.

We offer consultation and support whilst promoting Best Practice in volunteering and Volunteer Management.

What Do We Do?

We recruit, interview, and refer volunteers to community organisations.

Our aim is to match the skills and interests of volunteers with those required by organisations.

We make training available to both volunteers and volunteer managers and speak to groups interested in hearing more about volunteering.

How Will It Help Us If Your Organisation Registers?

By registering with us you will enhance our comprehensive range of resources and assist us to make more opportunities available to volunteers in the Limestone Coast region.

Organisations throughout the Limestone Coast region enjoy benefits of becoming members.

What Can We Offer Your Organisation?

  • We will assist you by recruiting volunteers on your behalf and inform people of who you are and what you do.
  • We will promote your organisation by including your publicity material in our office, include it in displays held periodically in the community and in our newsletters
  • We provide access to resources and training packages for Volunteers and Volunteer Managers. Gifts for recognition, events and booklets are also available .
  • We provide a consultation and advocacy service for organisations and volunteers if required.
  • Quarterly newsletters from the Limestone Coast Volunteer Resource Centre will keep you informed of current issues and in touch with national and international information at hand.
  • We give support to your members ,both staff and Volunteers with training and support offered throughout the year.
  • Limestone Coast Volunteer Services is part of a state and national network of Volunteer Centres who work in partnership to promote and deliver volunteering throughout Australia.


Want To Know More?

Feel free to contact the Limestone Coast Volunteer Resource Centre if you have any further queries;

Naracoorte Council Office

PH: 8760 1100 - Fax: 8762 3139

Click the link below for more information on the Limestonce Coast Volunteer Resource Centre

It’s a two way thing-

Many people say that the main reason they volunteer is because they want to make a difference. Volunteering gives individuals a lot in return for the giving they do to others. It is a chance to use your time and skills for something which is important to you. Volunteering can help boost your confidence, provide an opportunity to make friends and feel good about volunteering your time and energy to your community.

Why volunteer?

  • To learn new skills
  • Share life experiences and skills
  • Contribute to society by helping people who may be disadvantaged
  • Meet new friends
  • Give back to the community
  • Make a difference
  • Gain experience and contacts to help find paid employment
  • Build self-confidence
  • Stay active and engaged in the community

It's about getting involved, participating and making a difference in the community you live in. It's about learning new skills, sharing life experiences and helping others.

Volunteering is about putting that spare time to good use, making contacts and building self confidence and self worth. It's about staying active, socializing and gaining friends for life.

Limestone Coast Volunteering is about contributing to the health and well being of the community. Volunteering can be done in a variety of fields: Art/culture, sport & recreation, children & youth, disadvantaged groups, environment, conservation & Human rights; it's all about your preferences and skills.

“Community development through contribution & participation”


VIC Volunteers Wanted

The Naracoorte Visitor Information Centre is seeking community minded members to volunteer their time at the centre for a few hours per week (may include weekends).

If you are interested in volunteering your time or would like further information please contact Council on 8760 1100 or the Visitor Information Centre on 8762 1399